Book Crook Confessions

Where books steal the show

Mini Bio

And a page to learn about your  Book Crook. My name is Hunter, currently a student, full time reader, and part time blogger. By day I struggle with the world of dealing with teachers/professors and fight the urge to fall asleep; at night I stay up to the wee morning hours with books and now blogging, often explaining that sleepy feeling I get in class. Somewhere in there I find time to run on the beach here in LA, be a horrible bowler, and have fearful accidents in my attempts to surf and iceskate.

Here however, the focus is on the books. Look for some helpful reviews, heated book arguments (jk just some friendly discussion) and my ravings on the wonders publishers provide us. Always feel free to shoot me and email:


Comments? OMG I love comments, thank you!!! (and follows too :) )

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