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Top 10 Tuesday-April 17th

And the Spring Break season comes to a close. Now all eyes turn towards summer for those long days of catching up on the TBR pile by a pool or at the beach. Any good spring break stories? I got the new Fear by Michael Grant (eeeeek) on mine! But enough of that an on to this weeks Top 10 Tuesday hosted by the folks at The Broke & Bookish. Today’s theme, Top 10 Tips for New Bloggers. Since I am a new blogger myself, I decided to chose a previous weeks topic since I don’t have experiance to give advice and go with:

Top 10 Books That Were Totally Deceiving 

  1. Three Cups of Tea: I thought this book was going to be amazing. Not necessarily in the way of its-so-exciting-I-MUST-stay-up-all-night kind of way but in the OMG-this-is-real??? kind of way. I felt like it would be as impacting as Kite Runner but was deceived. I tried my best and only made it half way through before giving up to the less than interesting voice of the narrator
  2. Gone by Michael Grant: I actually was deceived in a good way for this book. Skimming the blurb it seemed relatively interesting though looking at the covers front and back I was sure this was going to be a romance first, action later novel featuring the cute couple on the front. Boy was I wrong!!! Not only was Gone action packed and a thriller, it also   became one of my favorite books even though it was thrown in with my pile of I might-get-around-to-it reads when I picked it up while all subsequent books in the series have been bought the day they came out as this is in my top ten favorite series now.
  3. The Kite Runner: I first watched the movie which, though moving, with its subtitles and such bored me quite frankly. I get books to read, movies to watch and all. But after watching the dismal movie I had low expectations for the book but picked it up in a “how could this be turned into a movie” way and ended up being impressed by the story, finding the setting engaging and the author both childhood and adult someone I could connect with emotionally.
  4. Little Brother by Cory Doctorow: I dove into this book with average expectations of a teenage angst novel about the oppression of government and instead got a pretty realistic and fearful dystopia that also had some educational value about the hacker community and computers in general that i know recommend to friends based on the tech knowledge alone.
  5. Whale Talk: I entered into this novel expecting to hate it. This was one of those required reading books for a class and rarely if ever have I found an actual plot in these much less enjoyed them. So grudgingly I took this book out and while I didn’t fall in love, I also found it to be much more interesting than I would have expected and a entertaining way to bring awareness to racism presence today.
  6. Firestar by Chris D’Lacy: After reading this first two novels in this entertaining YA series I though I had a handle on the characters, the rules of their world, and the direction the author was going. I was deceived. In this book D’Lacy threw in some polar bears, some reawakening ancient dragons, a whole new host of magic and creatures and changed what I knew about the ones he had already introduced & not in a good way. This book I expected to enjoy as much as it’s predecessors but in the end found myself feeling confused and unsatisfied with the jarring turn of events midway into a series.
  7. The Help: I happened upon this book as what i call a LOP read or lack of patience. My good friend was reading this book, and though it was not in my usual genre of interest, I still wanted to know what happened. I figured she could tell me about the book and if it was worth a read. Sadly, the friend reading this was an immensely slow reader so after almost a month during which she had gotten roughly half way through the novel I finally decided my recommendation would never come and picked it up myself expecting another product of marketing hype but was blown away by the love i had for this book. It made me fear for what was happening only 40/50 years ago while also enjoying a well spun tale.
  8. The Book Thief: An assignment for my history class to read a novel set in the Book Thief time period faced me with a few choices of dry historical accounts or facing the evil I often lampoon called historical-fiction however Book Thief changed my mind about the entire genre. I LOVED this book. Not top 10 favorite books loved, but still loved it. The characters where actual people, they weren’t educational lessons with names or cut-outs of a political statement, they were actual characters with feelings and adventures and stories. This book deceived me big time.
  9. Obsidian (Lux #1): I shot into this book fearing a total lack of plot besides the love story of the two drool worth cover models. Deceived I was when in actuality I received a pretty impressive syfi story with action and adventure as well as a surprising lack of overly romantic and unrealistic teen love garbage.
  10. Mockingjay: Oooo Mockingjay. I awaited you, expected a gift from god, an impressive jaw dropping ending to what had been a spectacular series of ground breaking dystopian novels. Instead I was let down with a plot that took place mainly in a hospital and had a rushed, poorly explained, and unsatisfying ending. Shame to the Mockingjay, for it deceived me.



Agree? Disagree? Think if I just read __________ then it would take the number one spot? Let me know in your comments below and as always, please tell your friends to stop by. Thanks for reading!

Til Next Time
Your Book Crook (Hunter)



  1. I completely agree with Gone, I didn’t think it would be as good as it was!

    • I know its now a series I follow closely. Did you get around to reading Fear yet?

  2. readerbuzz

    I was very disappointed with the writing in Three Cups of Tea. Then I was disappointed to hear that parts of the story never really occurred. Very disappointing.

    Here’s my
    Top Ten Tips for New Bloggers.
    I love to have you stop by and comment!

    • REALLY?? I didn’t hear that portions of the story never happened. Just another disappointment. And thanks for the comment I’ll defiantly check out your blog 🙂

  3. I struggled with Three Cups of Tea as well. It’s such a magnificent tale, but the way it’s told in the book just makes it sound boring…
    I enjoyed Mockingjay, but I know that a LOT of people feel the way you do.

    • You bring up a good point on Three Cups of Tea that the tale behind the clunky telling is one that could be worth hearing. I wish the author had paired up and co-written the book with someone who could have taken the events and made them sounds more exciting. And what was your fav part of Mockingjay? I always love hearing peoples take on that book because they vary so widely.

  4. Mockingjay. Oh I can hear you! *sigh*

    Patricia // My Post

    • Thanks for commenting 🙂 it resulted in a small happy dance
      In reply though, yeah it was defiantly a letdown. I’m commenting with another blogger above on what she liked about it now though, because it did have its few moments. Your favorite/Least favorite part?

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