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Welcome to my Blog

Thanks for Stopping By!!!!!

Hopefully you know that this site is for books. Really, everything books. YA books, adult books, books that turn into movies even movies that turn into books. Here you can find:

  • REVIEWS-my take on books to help you find the gems and the crooks
  • Discussion about books, series, and genres
  • Guest reviews, from the wonderful people I meet in this online book loving world
  • Author Interviews (hopefully)
  • ARC reviews (also a hopefully)
  • And many more things I haven’t even planned out yet because, well, this is my first post and all

But seriously, I do hope to make this an amazing site, with some amazing reviews and hopefully build a home on the web for all the book lovers out there. Please help spread the word via all social media as the site gets up and running and don’t hesatate to give me feedback, I loves me some feedback (just check out the contact page above)


Your Book Crook




  1. Welcome! Here’s to all the items on your bullet list AND to new friendships in the book blog community. All the best to you. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by, your articles on starting a blog, parts one and two, both acted as a great guide for me in begging the process.

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere! Your goals sound a lot like mine 🙂 It seems to be a good time of year to start a book blog, doesn’t it? And I’m with Natalie, I’m so excited about getting to know the awesome people that make up the book blog community! I found your blog yesterday via the FF hop, and I really like it so far! Happy blogging!

Comments? OMG I love comments, thank you!!! (and follows too :) )

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